Instant Increase In Business

One of our large mobile storage customers had an instant increase in business by moving loaded containers for contractors.

QuickLoadz’s customer is now charging extra to move loaded containers for contractors from job site to job site.

“It has an added advantage. Before, contractors would empty out a container as soon as they could so it would go off rent. Now they keep them on rent, even if the container isn’t going to another job site immediately. We have seen our contractor rentals almost double.
“With the QuickLoadz Super Bed we are renting out containers as dumpsters to our contractors. We already have the customer base, containers are cheaper, last longer, no tarping, contractors say they don’t have problems with people dumping tires in their dumpster. All around a win. But we couldn’t do it until we had a QuickLoadz Super Bed.”
The 40k Super Bed Loading a Container
“Every job site has one of our 20′ containers as a giant billboard.”

Want to double your business? Buy a QuickLoadz.

- Sean

Another Record Year For Natural Disasters

Containers are perfect for disaster relief, but how do you move them?

Line of FEMA Trucks Backed Up

Weather related natural disasters are increasing. Containers are perfect for natural disaster relief. Containers are durable, cheap, 90% of the world’s freight travels in them. They don’t care about rain or snow. Containers full of relief supplies can be shipped anywhere in the world rapidly.

But how do you move them? What do you do if you don’t have any warehouses or loading docks to unload them?

People Unloading Supplies from a Container Sitting on the Ground

After Hurricane Harvey, I used a QuickLoadz to drop containers full of relief supplies right in the neighborhoods that needed them. Instant warehouse and ground level supply distribution.

Be ready with the only system in the world that allows you to move loaded sea shipping containers without any other equipment, the system that allows you to drop sea shipping containers on the ground for easy access. And lets you access the contents at a loading dock.

FEMA is going to need this. USAID is going to need this. Walmart, Amazon, everyone is going to need the ability to quickly move containers full of merchandise without loading docks, without cranes, without other equipment.

Buy a QuickLoadz and fill a need that no one else can in an emergency.

You won’t be waiting for an emergency to keep that QuickLoadz busy.

Our current customers are so busy that they have asked me to stop referring jobs to them, but you will be ready to drop relief supplies when the emergency comes.

Watch to see how QuickLoadz changes the world of freight:

- Sean

Sittin’ At The Dock All Day

Most drivers spend three to four hours waiting at a loading dock.

How do your drivers feel about it? Have a watch:

There’s no sad song to sing with QuickLoadz.

QuickLoadz moves loaded containers directly onto the ground, in under three minutes.

No waiting for a loading dock—just drop it off and go. No shuffling merchandise from the container into the warehouse—the loaded containers sitting on the ground are your warehouse. No drivers singing woeful songs of sorrow on company time—they drop off their full container, pick up an empty, and get back on the road in under ten minutes.

I’m sure they smile and wave on their way out at all the guys sitting around with their old fashioned trailers at the loading docks waiting for a forklift.

Watch a QuickLoadz drop off a 40′ trailer faster than the song:

- Sean

Pop-up distribution centers. Never before possible.

With QuickLoadz, full sea shipping containers can be picked up and dropped off from ground level in three minutes without any external equipment, without the driver leaving the cab of their truck.

So what? So new things are possible.

The Pop-up Distribution Center.

Whether Amazon, Walmart, FEMA, a farmer, or a little mom-and-pop manufacturer, if a distribution center is needed either right away or just for a few months in the busy season, with QuickLoadz, a warehouse distribution center can be a parking lot with containers on the ground coming and going.

If the containers full of merchandise are sitting on the ground, they can be loaded or unloaded of merchandise directly with forklifts.

  1. Expensive loading docks aren’t needed.
  2. There is no need to constantly shuffle trailers to and from loading docks.
  3. Expensive drivers, trucks, and trailers aren’t waiting to be loaded or unloaded.
  4. No need to pay property tax and insurance on warehouse space that isn’t needed.
  5. Containers are cheap $3/sq. ft., versus a warehouse at $30/sq. ft.
  6. Containers are a commodity, that can be bought or sold in a couple of hours, as storage needs change.

QuickLoadz does it all.

QuickLoadz quickly drops off loaded containers wherever needed. QuickLoadz picks up loaded containers to send off to stores, or a port, or a rail yard. QuickLoadz works with all conventional freight systems, whether getting a container loaded at a port or backing up to a conventional loading dock to load or unload.

- Sean

Competition is up, margins are down. Time to pull a ninja move.

For the first time ever, a North American company is not at the top of the North American Trailer and Truck builder report.


Not for the first time, many North American company’s sales are stagnant or have gone down slightly while overall trailer sales have gone up.

The margins on container chassis have been driven down to the point some companies have exited the container chassis business altogether.

What is going to happen as dry freight van margins continue to go down? Are companies that have been building trailers for generations just going to disappear?

Some will disappear. Some will disappear when the current hot economy cools just a little and thin margins aren’t covered by a larger volume.

Smart companies will slide sideways into a next generation trailer.

A trailer that is patent protected worldwide. A trailer that is so far ahead of everyone else that no one is even starting to work on what they are already building and selling. A trailer that can revolutionize freight. A trailer that can save an end user like Wal-Mart billions a year. A trailer that meshes perfectly with the autonomous truck.

A trailer like QuickLoadz.

We can’t build them fast enough.

We could use a partner who is looking to the future. You can always use a head start on the next generation. Let’s talk.

- Sean

The Future Platform of Freight and Logistics

Like the PC new hardware is valuable, like the PC controlling the software that runs on unique new hardware is even more valuable.

QuickLoadz is two pieces that make up what will be the logistics platform for the future.

First, it is the only real new hardware that changes freight and logistics in decades. Self driving trucks might be inevitable, but the truck doesn’t carry the merchandise, the trailer does. What is 100 times better than the self driving truck? A trailer that can pick up and deliver loads by itself. QuickLoadz is the patent protected smart trailer that is light years ahead of what anyone else is doing.

With QuickLoadz, you have a trailer that can pick up and deliver 60,000 lb. loads of merchandise in three minutes.

Unique patented hardware that is already delivering containers all over the world.

Second is the software that runs on that hardware. QuickLoadz carries around a Wi-Fi network and computer to allow the driver to see what is behind them on their smartphone, and allows the driver to control the QuickLoadz trailer.

But why not add to the software, so you can:

  1. Track the container as it goes down the road?
  2. Put the video on a loop in case there is an accident?
  3. Take a picture of the container when it is delivered?
  4. Check trailer tire pressure?
  5. Check the trailer brakes?
  6. Tell not just the driver, but a maintenance supervisor 2,000 miles away if there is something going wrong?
  7. Weigh the container, so it can tell the customer exactly what weight was picked up? Grain, corn, scrap tires?
  8. If your QuickLoadz logistics software knows where you dropped the container, it knows where to tell a different driver to pick it up.
- Sean

New Option for All 40′ Models

People always ask us, “how can you load two 20′ containers on one 40′ trailer?” We’ve always had to tell them that you load the first container using the QuickLoadz chain drive, but load the second one manually with a winch and straps. It’s an answer we’ve always been unhappy to give. As our customers and readers know, we hate winches and straps. They’re slow, unsafe, and inefficient.

Now we have a solution we’re proud to offer.



  1. The first container is loaded.
  2. Both containers are connected to each other.
  3. Both containers are loaded together.
  4. The Dual QuickLock Clamps are screwed into the bed.
  5. The bed is lowered, and the driver rides off into the sunset.


First, you load one 20′ container just as you normally would—from the comfort of the truck cabin, with your smartphone, using the QuickLoadz Chain Drive. After it’s loaded, you drive over to your second container, and unload the first container in front of it. They attach to each other with two connectors that screw into the corner castings. Now that they’re connected, you can load both at once as if they’re one 40′ container, still with the fast and easy to use QuickLoadz system.

QuickLoadz already has DOT-approved instant locking pins in all four corners of the trailer. But when you have two 20′ containers loaded instead of one 40′ container, there are four container corners in the middle of the trailer that aren’t secured. The Dual 20′ Container Locking Pins come with two sets of two pins that slide into these middle corners and screw into place, so that all four corners on both containers are secured to the bed.

For $700, the Dual 20′ Container Locking Pins comes with two container connectors to clip two containers together, two Dual QuickLock Clamps to lock the containers to the bed, with mounting points added to the trailer on both sides to accommodate two containers. It is available on every 40′ trailer. Moving two loaded 20′ containers just got a lot easier.

See it in action:

Move two empty 20′ containers with the 20k Super Short 40:

Move two fully loaded 20′ containers with the 60k Super High 40:

- Sean

Save your body for more enjoyable things.

This is the busy time. I know, I move containers too.

Save time.

Think as you work the long hours this summer, all the time you could save with a QuickLoadz:

  1. Never have to drag out chains.
  2. Never have to throw straps.
  3. Never have to block up a container.
  4. Load or unload without getting out of the truck in just two minutes.
  5. Push button control from your smart phone.
  6. Push button locking and unlocking from your smart phone.
  7. Wi-Fi rearview camera.

I bet it would be a lot easier to keep a driver that doesn’t have to do all of that.

See the difference:

- Sean

Save Yourself

No smashed fingers.
No being covered in oil and dirt from chains and straps.
No chiseling mud out of corner castings.
No throwing straps over a container.
No summer heat.
No winter cold.
No sliding around on a slippery deck.
No squatting next to a winch cable and chain under tension.
No customers complaining about damaged driveways.

QuickLoadz makes all these things go away.

“I don’t care, I just hire the driver.” Okay, then…

No trying to convince a driver to stay in the summer.
No trying to convince a driver to stay in the winter.
No Workman Comps claims from a driver slipping on the deck.
No Workman Comps claims from a driver’s hands.
No injured driver from a cable snapping.
No injured driver from a chain breaking.
No worrying if the driver strapped down the container.
No customers complaining about damaged driveways.

Instead of buying a trailer designed to tow cars and forcing it to move containers, buy the trailer that is designed to move containers and will tow cars, unload itself, and in the truck version, give you a free dump truck.

It will save you money in time, injuries, and maintenance.

See how the 40k Super Bed works in snow in just one minute.

- Sean

Another Clever New Use For A QuickLoadz

A clever Canadian customer came up with a use for the QuickLoadz Dual Chain Drive that we use all the time now.

After seeing a QuickLoadz, Bill said:

“Why don’t you take that tow bar of yours and use it in reverse to push pallets off of the trailer? A lot of times, I am dropping off pallets at a yard or job site and have to wait around for a forklift, sometimes for an hour.”

The answer is, “We didn’t think of it.”

Unloading pallets off of the flatbed is a problem for us too. Every week, the plant generates pallets and pallets of compressed cardboard and other recyclables that we put on a 26k Super 40 trailer and haul to the recycling plant. Every week we wait around for a forklift. Now, we can just drop the entire load in two minutes and the forklift driver can pick them up and move them when convenient.

Can’t do that with a winch. Just one more advantage QuickLoadz offers. Like you needed another reason to buy a QuickLoadz.

QuickLoadz is designed to be the fastest, safest, easiest, and cheapest way to move loaded sea shipping containers. But it does much more.

With QuickLoadz, you get:

  1. A tow trailer for equipment and vehicles. Better than a regular tow trailer, you have a built-in rear view camera you can see on your smart phone when backing up, and a smart phone remote control. Sit in the car and steer while pulling it up on the trailer. No other truck or trailer manufacturer anywhere has ever offered something that convenient or safe.
  2. A flatbed trailer which can tilt, and with an optional “push bar,” unload itself of pallets and skids. Unload at a construction site without needing a forklift.
  3. An automatic container mover. QuickLoadz is designed around moving containers easily. QuickLoadz works with any standard ISO shipping container with no modifications required. It is the simplest, lightest, fastest system ever devised to move sea shipping containers. The system is so automated the driver literally does not have to leave their seat in the cab of the truck. With QuickLoadz you would be the only company that can move loaded containers. A service that can charge a premium.

Have 15 seconds to see how it works?

- Sean