Sittin’ At The Dock All Day

Most drivers spend three to four hours waiting at a loading dock.

How do your drivers feel about it? Have a watch:

There’s no sad song to sing with QuickLoadz.

QuickLoadz moves loaded containers directly onto the ground, in under three minutes.

No waiting for a loading dock—just drop it off and go. No shuffling merchandise from the container into the warehouse—the loaded containers sitting on the ground are your warehouse. No drivers singing woeful songs of sorrow on company time—they drop off their full container, pick up an empty, and get back on the road in under ten minutes.

I’m sure they smile and wave on their way out at all the guys sitting around with their old fashioned trailers at the loading docks waiting for a forklift.

Watch a QuickLoadz drop off a 40′ trailer faster than the song:

- Sean