QuickLoadz Shipping Container Trailers and Truck Beds. Move Loaded Shipping Containers.

90% of the world's freight travels in sea shipping containers. QuickLoadz is the only company in the world that makes moving these containers easy.
Fully operational from your own smartphone or tablet, from inside the truck cab.
Better engineering. No winches. No straps. No waiting.
Mini Desktop QuickLoadz. Our new app puts the 60k Super High 40 in AR. You control it just like the real thing.

20′ Models

Empty / Lightly Loaded

The 16k Super 20

The 20k Super Bed

Loaded / Fully Loaded

The 24k Super 20

The 40k Super Bed

40′ Models

Empty / Lightly Loaded

The 20k Super Short 40

The 26k Super 40

Loaded / Fully Loaded

The 40k Super Short 40

The 60k Super High 40

The Stealth 40

Preorders Open

The Stealth 40.

All-electric battery power.
Hybrid Power Axles.
The same QuickLoadz features.