Customer Success Story: Scaffolding Company

I have a mom and pop scaffolding company that bought a QuickLoadz a while ago.

They are good at math, and so it was an easy sale. They used to have a fleet of box trucks and lots of warehouse space. Now they have one QuickLoadz and cheap, cheap storage containers.

Containers are so cheap that they keep common job sizes of scaffolding in containers. They keep all of their containers sitting on the ground so they can just shuffle from one container to another to make exactly what goes to a job. They can load a job a week in advance because it isn’t like having a box truck tied up for a week, it’s just a $1,000 container sitting on the gravel waiting to take its load to the next job.

Now, instead of constantly loading from their warehouse into box trucks, then unloading scaffolding from a box truck 4′ off of the ground at a job site, they just pick up the pre-loaded container from their gravel lot, drop it off on the job site, and access it from ground level. No more needing the warehouse space for stacks of scaffolding. Now they use their warehouse space for repairing and making new scaffolding. Plus, the containers work out to $3/sq. ft., whereas the warehouse space is $30/sq. ft. They don’t pay property tax on the containers. They don’t pay insurance on the containers. As they get more business, they just buy more $3/sq. ft. containers instead of building more $30/sq. ft. warehouse.

Then they got the bright idea to lease the container to the contractor after they unloaded their scaffolding. Now they are getting paid to have a 8′ × 20′ billboard for their scaffolding company on these job sites. Then, they started leasing containers to contractors whether they were renting scaffolding or not. They already had a customer base to market to. They instantly added a whole new line of business without trying. Great ROI on renting containers, plus, they still get paid to have their scaffolding company billboard on the job site. They are going to move into container job site offices next.

They are looking to expand by simply renting gravel lots in nearby towns. They don’t need to rent a warehouse, they don’t need loading docks any more. With QuickLoadz, they can move jobs around easily, expand easily. 3 minutes to move a loaded container, without the driver ever leaving their seat in the truck cab.

Amazing. Made me smile when they told me about it.

How many trucks and how much warehouse space can QuickLoadz eliminate for your business?

- Sean

I Did It; Everyone Did

When there was nothing else available, everyone bought the old fashioned tilt and tow trailer that someone has welded a couple of side rails on and called a container mover.

What else were you going to do? But things have changed. Now, there is a trailer designed to move sea shipping containers.

Why would you buy a trailer designed to move cars instead of a trailer designed to move containers?

If you were a tow company and maybe 95% of what you did involved towing cars, then maybe, just maybe, it would be worthwhile buying a tow trailer instead. I say maybe, because QuickLoadz can:

  1. Also tow cars.
  2. See what’s behind you with its Wi-Fi rearview camera.
  3. Control itself with smartphone remote control hydraulics, entirely from the cab of the truck.
  4. Unload itself of pallets, cars, car parts, etc. with an optional tow bar.
  5. Use twice the power of any other trailer on the market with its 38 HP Kohler EFI engine. Technically, it is probably the only trailer you can operate legally in CARB states. An EFI engine is required in California and 12 others, with more being added every year.
  6. Come factory ordered with hot dip galvanizing. Really, what destroys a trailer faster than rust? What is a better rust protection than dipping an entire trailer into molten zinc?

But you don’t spend 95% of your time moving cars, you spend 99% of your time moving containers. So buy the only trailer in the world that can:

  1. Automatically move loaded sea shipping containers. No other company in the world is close to being able to offer this, and you can have it now.
  2. Automatically, at the press of a button, lock that container onto the trailer. How lazy would your driver have to be not to do that?
  3. Not destroy the customer’s asphalt or concrete by dragging the container and/or the trailer bed across it. QuickLoadz floats on big rollers. What is that expense?
  4. Legally move loaded containers. You know those office containers you move? Illegal, unless it is entirely loaded on the trailer. Federal law dictates all four corners on the trailer, secured by the corner castings. We have picked up a couple of customers who have discovered this the hard way—at a weigh station, accompanied by a huge fine. This fine alone is worth more than the price difference between even the most janky bottom of the barrel trailer and QuickLoadz. Let alone, you can no longer move office containers without the risk of another fine.

Mobile storage companies that have bought QuickLoadz have seen production double, and driver retention is at 100%. Try topping that with some trailer that hasn’t changed since 1972.

Last, we are within a couple of thousand dollars of other serious commercial trailer manufacturers, like Landoll. I know you can buy a Landoll knockoff for a lot less, but then you have a cheap knock-off tow trailer masquerading as a container mover.

Bottom line: If you move containers, it simply makes no sense to buy anything other than QuickLoadz.

- Sean

Unmet Demand

Mobile Mini, the nation’s largest mobile storage business, can’t move loaded sea shipping containers either for customers or themselves. This is huge unmet demand.

Two of the emails we received one day last week were people looking to move loaded sea shipping containers in different parts of the country. What is slightly different from the hundreds of emails like this that we receive is they both deal with the largest container rental company in the United States, Mobile Mini.

First from a contractor:

Hi David,


I really appreciate that, thank you so much for the info. The container we have on site is a Mobile Mini container, and that’s exactly the issue—they won’t move it loaded, we will need a container on the new site, and we still need to move the items to the new location—trying to find an efficient and somewhat economical way to achieve these goals.


Corporate & Project Operations Coordinator

Contractors everywhere have this problem.

They don’t want to unload a container, put all the stuff into a truck, store it at a warehouse, pay to get the container moved, reload a truck, then unload it into the container at the new site. Yet, unless they have a crane or access to something similar, that is what they have to do. If only they had a QuickLoadz… or if only they could call someone who has a QuickLoadz.

This second email is actually from someone looking to have loaded 20′ containers moved for them:


[Redacted] gave me your contact information. I am looking for pricing on freight from [redacted] for loaded 20 ft storage containers (8X20′). They will be loaded full in [redacted] and will be coming to my ops yard in [redacted].

I am interested in shipping (2) 20 footers at a time.

Can I have pricing on this request?

Thank you!

Best regards,



That email is from Mobile Mini. If the nation’s largest storage company can’t move loaded sea shipping containers, not only for their customers but for themselves, there is real opportunity there.

Buy a QuickLoadz, move empty containers, move cars and equipment and freight, but most of all…

Do what no one else can do and move loaded sea shipping containers. Competition is for losers.

Have 100 seconds to see how to move two 20′ containers on a 40′ bed?

- Sean

1 + 1 = 60,000. Math a VC Understands.

How does one unique new piece of hardware added to one other unique new piece of hardware allow someone to win freight and logistics?

A QuickLoadz trailer at an angle with freight loaded on the bed.

One QuickLoadz.

It has to be QuickLoadz. No other company in the world makes a trailer that can automatically move loaded sea shipping containers.

Plus one autonomous truck.

Lots of choices coming up—maybe ten different companies doing this.

Equals 60,000 pounds of merchandise moved from anywhere to anywhere without anyone touching it.

That’s a revolution. Win freight, or watch someone else do it.

Watch here how QuickLoadz changes the world of freight and logistics:

- Sean

QuickLoadz Buys Penske Fleet Trucks

QuickLoadz has bought used Penske fleet trucks to turn into QuickLoadz Super Bed trucks.

Two of the Penske trucks.
Two of the Penske trucks QuickLoadz purchased at auction.

I got a really good deal on 2014 Penske box trucks that were coming out of their fleet. I bought all of them. These trucks are all in great shape. They have around 180,000 miles, Cummins diesels, automatic transmissions, fully working 26,000 pound GVW, so no CDL required. We even have the oil and fluid tests on every truck.

That means I can put brand new 2020 20k Super Beds on these trucks and offer you for the ridiculously low price of $68,000. Some of these Super Beds will be done with Hot Dip Galvanizing for $4,000 extra, some with paint.

We have the only system designed specifically to move containers.

QuickLoadz has automatic hydraulic locks, a built-in rear view camera, and remote control that works from the driver’s smartphone; the whole system is so automated you really don’t have to get out of the truck to load a container, all standard.

Of course it can be used like a tow truck, an equipment trailer, and a flatbed. The bed itself slides out like a rollback tow truck to give a low loading angle when you need it. One of my favorite features of the truck version is the 50° tilt angle. The tilt not only gives you a dump truck, but it allows you to get really close to a container and still grab it when there is not much room.

Place an order for the 20k Super Bed at (888) 304-3946 ext 0 and it’ll come on one of these trucks.

Loading a container without any room:

It also shows using the hooks as quick chain pulls if you need to pull a container in position to grab it.

This is our contractor video to show some of the versatility:

This shows how it works in just one minute:

- Sean

The Self Cleaning Truck Bed. Put Away The Broom.

Half the time you pick up and drop off a container, you cover your truck bed with gravel and mud. Really, to avoid that DOT ticket and the angry driver with the broken windshield, you should sweep it off every time.

But let’s face it.

It’s hard to be motivated when it’s freezing, or worse, almost freezing and raining. Motivating a driver to get out on a slippery deck and sweep it off is even harder.

The self cleaning truck bed

QuickLoadz Super Bed models tilt up to 50°. You load your container at a gentle 15°, but you can slide the bed all the way in and tilt 50° for those tight spaces. The hidden benefit behind this free dump truck is that the bed can pretty much clean itself of loose gravel and dirt.

The 40k Super Bed Loading a Container

I not only design and build trailers, I deliver containers. I’m making this easy on myself so that everyone who has a QuickLoadz will have it easy for them too.

- Sean

Do You Want To Dig A Hole With A Shovel Or A Trackhoe?

I was talking to someone on Facebook who insisted that he could build a trailer like QuickLoadz for half the price. Then we got into some details. He would put on a smaller engine, lighter axles, a winch instead of dual chain drives, no LiftWedges, no sliding axles, no smartphone controlled hydraulics, no rearview camera, no hydraulic locks.

“You don’t need all of that stuff to move empty containers. You over built it.”

It is true that you don’t need all of that stuff to move containers. You don’t need a pickup truck to move drywall, you can tie it to the top of your car.

But if you want to move loaded containers, you at least need a way to get the container all the way onto the trailer bed, and therefore a way to push the container off of the trailer bed. Winches don’t push.

If you want to use winches, chains, and straps, get out and pull start some small engine, get in and out of the cab 10 times while backing up, get in and out of the cab six times while loading (it is hard to steer a truck in the cab while holding down a hydraulic control lever on the trailer; you have to have especially long arms), throw straps over the container… you don’t need all of the stuff that QuickLoadz has. We didn’t invent moving containers. You just need to be a skilled driver, with a good back, good luck, and 30 minutes to spare.

Or, you could use QuickLoadz and take a skilled, 30 minute, difficult, dangerous job and turn it into three minutes of pushing buttons on a smartphone.

A shovel is not the same as a trackhoe.

A trackhoe is not “overbuilt.” If you dig a lot of holes—and big ones—and you do it all the time, you buy a trackhoe. If you dig a couple of fence posts or a garden, you buy a shovel.

One is professional, one is a hobby. Which are you?

- Sean

Free Time This Fall

One of the largest mobile storage companies in the US saw production double with QuickLoadz.

With QuickLoadz, their driver turnover dropped to zero.

Our mobile storage busy time is fall.

July is almost over.

QuickLoadz is 90 days out on new orders.

Plan ahead. Order your QuickLoadz now and get free time this busy fall season.

Have one minute to see how much easier your life could be?

- Sean

The Perfect Contractor Truck

I wanted the perfect contractor truck. I built a container mover that’s also a tow truck, flat bed, and dump truck all in one. The Swiss Army Knife of trucks.

We have the only system designed specifically to move containers. QuickLoadz has automatic hydraulic locks, a built-in rearview camera, and remote control that works on the driver’s smartphone. The whole system is so automated you don’t really have to get out of the truck—all standard.

This is the unit Pac-Van is ordering for their 20′ container deliveries.

Of course it can be used like a tow truck, move equipment, and carry pallets like a flatbed. The bed itself slides out like a rollback tow truck to give a low loading angle when you need it. One of my favorite features of the truck version is the 50° tilt angle. The tilt not only gives you a dump truck, but allows you to get really close to a container and grab it when there is not much room.

This video shows grabbing a container without any room. It also shows using the hooks as quick chain pulls if you need to pull a container in position to grab it.

This is our contractor video that shows some of the versatility:

This video shows how you can use the tow bar to unload a bed full of pallets:

There are a bunch of videos on our YouTube channel showing how it works, how it loads in gravel, snow, ice.

This is actually one of my favorite trucks.


We were always getting calls from the oil and gas guys who wanted a container full of pipe in some awful location. So we put a QuickLoadz bed on a Military M939 5-ton 6×6 truck. We have gotten calls from tow companies for it as a ditch / off road tow truck.

- Sean

Move The Entire Garage To The Site

The portable, lockable, $600 skid-steer garage.

When I move my skid steer to a job, I just pick up my skid steer container rigged with spare parts, oil, spare tires, and tracks with my QuickLoadz trailer and drop it on the job site.

Every night I put away my expensive skid steer into its own portable garage, locked up tight. No snow, no ice, no fuel theft.

I don’t have to keep my expensive skid steer inside back at the yard, I don’t even keep it in the fence. It has its own solid steel garage.

Same with the baby track-hoe. Same with the little man lift. Same with the air compressor and jackhammer. You get the idea.

Each 20 foot container cost me $600. Wind and water tight. $3.75/sq. ft., about what the concrete just for a slab would cost, let alone a building.

The QuickLoadz 24k Super 20 Loading a Container from the Ground

All possible because my QuickLoadz trailer can not only move my equipment, pick up and self unload pallets, but move containers loaded with my skid steer—or whatever I need.

Buy a QuickLoadz trailer. Save big money.

You need an equipment trailer anyway, why not buy the one that saves you big $$?

- Sean