Unmet Demand

Mobile Mini, the nation’s largest mobile storage business, can’t move loaded sea shipping containers either for customers or themselves. This is huge unmet demand.

Two of the emails we received one day last week were people looking to move loaded sea shipping containers in different parts of the country. What is slightly different from the hundreds of emails like this that we receive is they both deal with the largest container rental company in the United States, Mobile Mini.

First from a contractor:

Hi David,


I really appreciate that, thank you so much for the info. The container we have on site is a Mobile Mini container, and that’s exactly the issue—they won’t move it loaded, we will need a container on the new site, and we still need to move the items to the new location—trying to find an efficient and somewhat economical way to achieve these goals.


Corporate & Project Operations Coordinator

Contractors everywhere have this problem.

They don’t want to unload a container, put all the stuff into a truck, store it at a warehouse, pay to get the container moved, reload a truck, then unload it into the container at the new site. Yet, unless they have a crane or access to something similar, that is what they have to do. If only they had a QuickLoadz… or if only they could call someone who has a QuickLoadz.

This second email is actually from someone looking to have loaded 20′ containers moved for them:


[Redacted] gave me your contact information. I am looking for pricing on freight from [redacted] for loaded 20 ft storage containers (8X20′). They will be loaded full in [redacted] and will be coming to my ops yard in [redacted].

I am interested in shipping (2) 20 footers at a time.

Can I have pricing on this request?

Thank you!

Best regards,



That email is from Mobile Mini. If the nation’s largest storage company can’t move loaded sea shipping containers, not only for their customers but for themselves, there is real opportunity there.

Buy a QuickLoadz, move empty containers, move cars and equipment and freight, but most of all…

Do what no one else can do and move loaded sea shipping containers. Competition is for losers.

Have 100 seconds to see how to move two 20′ containers on a 40′ bed?

- Sean