Another Record Year For Natural Disasters

Containers are perfect for disaster relief, but how do you move them?

Line of FEMA Trucks Backed Up

Weather related natural disasters are increasing. Containers are perfect for natural disaster relief. Containers are durable, cheap, 90% of the world’s freight travels in them. They don’t care about rain or snow. Containers full of relief supplies can be shipped anywhere in the world rapidly.

But how do you move them? What do you do if you don’t have any warehouses or loading docks to unload them?

People Unloading Supplies from a Container Sitting on the Ground

After Hurricane Harvey, I used a QuickLoadz to drop containers full of relief supplies right in the neighborhoods that needed them. Instant warehouse and ground level supply distribution.

Be ready with the only system in the world that allows you to move loaded sea shipping containers without any other equipment, the system that allows you to drop sea shipping containers on the ground for easy access. And lets you access the contents at a loading dock.

FEMA is going to need this. USAID is going to need this. Walmart, Amazon, everyone is going to need the ability to quickly move containers full of merchandise without loading docks, without cranes, without other equipment.

Buy a QuickLoadz and fill a need that no one else can in an emergency.

You won’t be waiting for an emergency to keep that QuickLoadz busy.

Our current customers are so busy that they have asked me to stop referring jobs to them, but you will be ready to drop relief supplies when the emergency comes.

Watch to see how QuickLoadz changes the world of freight:

- Sean