The Future Platform of Freight and Logistics

Like the PC new hardware is valuable, like the PC controlling the software that runs on unique new hardware is even more valuable.

QuickLoadz is two pieces that make up what will be the logistics platform for the future.

First, it is the only real new hardware that changes freight and logistics in decades. Self driving trucks might be inevitable, but the truck doesn’t carry the merchandise, the trailer does. What is 100 times better than the self driving truck? A trailer that can pick up and deliver loads by itself. QuickLoadz is the patent protected smart trailer that is light years ahead of what anyone else is doing.

With QuickLoadz, you have a trailer that can pick up and deliver 60,000 lb. loads of merchandise in three minutes.

Unique patented hardware that is already delivering containers all over the world.

Second is the software that runs on that hardware. QuickLoadz carries around a Wi-Fi network and computer to allow the driver to see what is behind them on their smartphone, and allows the driver to control the QuickLoadz trailer.

But why not add to the software, so you can:

  1. Track the container as it goes down the road?
  2. Put the video on a loop in case there is an accident?
  3. Take a picture of the container when it is delivered?
  4. Check trailer tire pressure?
  5. Check the trailer brakes?
  6. Tell not just the driver, but a maintenance supervisor 2,000 miles away if there is something going wrong?
  7. Weigh the container, so it can tell the customer exactly what weight was picked up? Grain, corn, scrap tires?
  8. If your QuickLoadz logistics software knows where you dropped the container, it knows where to tell a different driver to pick it up.
- Sean