Move The Entire Garage To The Site

The portable, lockable, $600 skid-steer garage.

When I move my skid steer to a job, I just pick up my skid steer container rigged with spare parts, oil, spare tires, and tracks with my QuickLoadz trailer and drop it on the job site.

Every night I put away my expensive skid steer into its own portable garage, locked up tight. No snow, no ice, no fuel theft.

I don’t have to keep my expensive skid steer inside back at the yard, I don’t even keep it in the fence. It has its own solid steel garage.

Same with the baby track-hoe. Same with the little man lift. Same with the air compressor and jackhammer. You get the idea.

Each 20 foot container cost me $600. Wind and water tight. $3.75/sq. ft., about what the concrete just for a slab would cost, let alone a building.

The QuickLoadz 24k Super 20 Loading a Container from the Ground

All possible because my QuickLoadz trailer can not only move my equipment, pick up and self unload pallets, but move containers loaded with my skid steer—or whatever I need.

Buy a QuickLoadz trailer. Save big money.

You need an equipment trailer anyway, why not buy the one that saves you big $$?

- Sean