Doesn’t Just Move Containers

QuickLoadz doesn’t just move containers.

QuickLoadz moves vehicles and construction equipment. You can drive them directly onto the full-metal deck.

QuickLoadz moves supplies, freight and raw materials on pallets. Use the tow bar to automatically deliver them without a forklift.

QuickLoadz handles cargo gently and carefully, whether you’re delivering delicate glass solar panels or airplane engines.

QuickLoadz moves the heaviest of containers full of merchandise. You can deliver it at ground level in minutes.

And yes, QuickLoadz delivers fully loaded containers onto the ground and picks up another one to hit the road in minutes, not hours.

Give us a call and we can talk about how QuickLoadz is right for your business at (888) 304-3946 ext. 1.

- Sean

Invest to Speed Up Freight

Invest in the company that can complete the new world of freight. 

With just $150, you can become an investor in QuickLoadz, the new technology that can speed up freight all over the country. From shipping ports to distribution centers to container yards, everyone needs containers moved faster than ever.

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Don’t Lose Drivers This Winter

How are you going to keep your drivers this winter?

With QuickLoadz, you can keep your drivers all year round. Why?

  • No frozen chains
  • No frozen straps
  • No manual labor
  • No leaving the truck cab
  • No harsh wind
  • No freezing temperatures
  • No snow

The Formula for QuickLoadz Reliability

It’s the small things that add up to reliability.

When we first started making trailers, we used the same connectors everyone in the trailer business used. And if you know trailers, after a couple years, you have electrical failures.

Deutsch Connector

Now, we use the best Deutsch connectors we can buy.

Most lights are not only connected to the harness ground, but they also have a separate ground wire. This means there would need to be over twice as many failures on a QuickLoadz to get the same intermittent light flickering problems that are so common to other trailers.

The extra grounding means we run extra wires; the “best we can buy” connectors add cost to our wiring harness; but that is part of the formula for QuickLoadz reliability.

The oldest QuickLoadz is now three years older than the seven-year standard life of a trailer. Ten years and counting…

Will It Tow?

We like to keep in touch with our customers. Greg, the owner of the very first 1999 GMC-mounted QuickLoadz, told us he doesn’t just use it for containers.

It’s moving… an RV?

The truck backs up to an RV. Will it tow?

Greg’s brother had an RV break down in the middle of the desert. Will the QuickLoadz move it? The RV is bigger than the QuickLoadz.

With such a long overhang behind the rear axles, even the gentle loading angle of the bed is too steep. Time to get creative. Slide the bed back to the roadway and the QuickLoadz dual chain drive acts like a winch to pull the RV onto the bed.

It looks like the RV fits on the bed snug. The Lift Wedges at the end of the bed, when raised, keep vehicles from rolling off.

We know our customers might use QuickLoadz in new and unexpected ways. The Super Bed models are the ultimate Swiss Army knife truck when it comes to versatility.

A traditional tow truck bed would have bent, but not QuickLoadz.

QuickLoadz towed the RV all the way back to the shop.

QuickLoadz can move loaded shipping containers, equipment, raw materials and more—including RVs.

Read more about the QuickLoadz Super Bed trucks here:

- Sean

The Trailer That’s Better Than Free

Other trailers could be free, and you would still be better off buying a QuickLoadz.

Reason 1: QuickLoadz is fast.

We have surveyed our customers. With an old-fashioned trailer the drivers are moving around 5 sea shipping containers a day. With a QuickLoadz, they are averaging 7.5 deliveries a day, one customer said he managed to move 13 containers in 2 hours. Let’s be generous and round down to 7. The average delivery charge is $200. That means by using a QuickLoadz instead of their old trailer, they are making an additional $400 per day. 250 working days a year is… $100,000. Over a 7-year trailer life, that is $700,000. The price difference between a QuickLoadz and the least expensive old fashioned trailers is around $25,000. It seems short sighted to trade $700,000 for $25,000, doesn’t it?

Why would they still buy the old trailers? Because that is what they always have bought. One executive said to me: “No one ever got fired for buying the same thing that we have always bought.” I answered “No company ever advanced without at least trying something new.”

Reason 2: Driver retention.

A huge national company had a branch that had 100% driver turn every 3 months all year long. They purchased a QuickLoadz and those drivers are still there 3 years later. It is common. With old-fashioned trailers, there is a lot of work in moving a 9,000 to 60,000 pound 40-foot-long box. Cranes, winches, straps, and chains. With old fashioned trailers it is a skilled, difficult, dangerous job. It only gets more difficult if it is windy or icy or 110 degrees in the sun. QuickLoadz has taken this skilled, dangerous, 30-minute job and turned it into sitting in your truck cab pushing buttons on a smartphone for 3 minutes.

A new CDL driver every 3 months vs 3 years and counting. It gets hard to quantify when you include all the little things an experienced driver knows that a newbie must be taught. I bet it is a lot more than the $25,000 difference in cost of an old-fashioned trailer and a QuickLoadz.

Reason 3: Zero injuries.

Zero injuries means happy employees and low Worker’s Comp. payments.

There has never been a reported injury with a QuickLoadz. Zero. Moving containers is a dangerous, skilled job. Sea shipping containers are 40′ long and 9,000 pounds empty. QuickLoadz can handle 60,000 pound loaded containers which no other system in the world can do automatically. No other system in the world can move loaded sea shipping containers without the driver leaving their seat in the truck.

Reason 4: Increased business.

There are many companies that can move empty sea shipping containers, very few that can move loaded.

“Competition is for losers.”

Peter Thiel

Why compete with thousands of others down to the lowest price?

Under FMCSA Section 3.6.3, to move a loaded container, the container must sit such that “all lower corners rest upon the vehicle” and be secured by the 4 corner castings. You can’t do that with other trailers. Some of our customers have doubled their business because with their QuickLoadz they can move loaded containers. Since they are the only ones that can move loaded containers they can charge what they want. It will always be cheaper and easier for the customer than arranging for a crane.

Reason 5: Do things no one else can.

QuickLoadz is all about automation. With a QuickLoadz a driver can run the entire trailer without getting out of their seat in the truck. This means that on our sliding axle 40′ trailers the driver can slide the axles forward or back while driving. As they are pulling into a crowded distribution center, truck stop, driving in urban areas sliding the axles forward gives them maneuverability that no one else can provide. One driver who constantly was in tight urban areas said he stopped taking out road signs with the side of his trailer all together. Drivers have told us they would buy a QuickLoadz just for that feature.

QuickLoadz can unload itself of pallets. QuickLoadz is designed primarily as an automatic container mover, but it is also a flatbed and tow trailer. One of our customers put a bar across the QuickLoadz chain drives and suddenly he was able to unload pallets of brick on job sites automatically without getting out of his seat. Huge time saver.

Reason 6: Loading surface damage.

Before they purchased a QuickLoadz, one of our customers stopped delivering on anything that wasn’t gravel. Another new customer used to make their customers sign a waiver absolving them of any asphalt or concrete damage. It is very, very difficult for an old fashioned trailer to move a container without damaging the asphalt or concrete. Either the container gets dragged or the rear of the trailer gets dragged.

QuickLoadz trailers are on rollers; QuickLoadz lifts one end of the container and then rolls underneath it. Nothing is dragged. This same process is why we can move heavy loaded containers when no one else can.

- Sean

QuickLoadz Announces Big New Client

ATHENS, OHIO—QuickLoadz is announcing that Santa Claus will be using a QuickLoadz 60k Super High 40 to deliver toys around the world this Christmas.

In the past, the bulk of his night has been spent unloading his sleigh by hand. This year, the jolly saint has solved his logistics problems. Towing a QuickLoadz on his sleigh, he can unload 60,000 lb. containers full of toys in neighborhoods all around the world. Squads of “flex elves” will be handling final-mile deliveries to homes.

QuickLoadz is the only trailer that can fully automatically unload a container up to 60,000 lbs. in just minutes. Santa likes how there’s no manual labor involved with moving containers with his QuickLoadz—it’s controlled remotely from his smartphone. He also likes how there’s no time wasted with winches, chains and straps needed to load the container back up again. After all, every house has a chimney, but not very many have cranes or loading docks.

Happy holidays from QuickLoadz.

- Sean

Buy A Monopoly

This is a monopoly you can buy.

Shipping containers are everywhere—behind every Walmart, sitting on every construction site, waiting at every loading dock. But if you call a container rental business or a towing company, they’ll only move empty ones.

You can be the only business in your region that moves loaded containers. It’s a monopoly you can buy for just $68,000.

The QuickLoadz 24k Super 20 Loading a Container from the Ground
The 24k Super 20 with Galvanized Trailer Bed

The best trailer.

The 24k Super 20 moves fully loaded 20′ containers. Pull it with a full-size pickup truck. It comes with all the standard QuickLoadz equipment—control it remotely with your smartphone, drive equipment directly onto the full-metal deck, and see what’s behind you with the rear-view camera.

The 40k Super Bed Loading a Container
The 40k Super Bed with Galvanized Trailer Bed

Upgrade your truck.

The 20k & 40k Super Bed can move loaded shipping containers, equipment, vehicles, do everything the 24k Super 20 does—and more. Tilt the Super Bed up to 50° like a dump truck or if you’re loading in a tight parking lot. You can buy a QuickLoadz Super Bed for your own truck or order one preinstalled on a used International truck out of our inventory.

Only with QuickLoadz.

- Sean

What’s QuickLoadz?

QuickLoadz is a revolutionary automated trailer that is computer controlled and Wi-Fi enabled to allow a driver to move loaded sea shipping containers in three minutes without ever leaving their seat in the truck cab.

90% of the world’s freight travels in standardized sea shipping containers.

This is called intermodal freight and it is the basis for world trade. A $9.6 trillion dollar market. Imagine that 90% of everything everyone buys travels in these sea shipping containers. Now imagine that one company in the world has figured out a way to make moving these containers from one place to another fast, safe and easy without any additional equipment.

A QuickLoadz automated trailer at an angle with a container loaded.

QuickLoadz opens up the world to intermodal freight in a way never before possible.

QuickLoadz allows any container to be moved anywhere without need for additional infrastructure such as loading docks, warehouses and cranes. Farmers can eliminate grain trailers, grain elevators and go straight from field to international shipping. Every small manufacturer or retail store can suddenly have dynamic 1/10-cost containerized warehouses—warehouses that they can ship all over the world. In emergency situations, relief supplies and containerized hospitals can be deployed rapidly, bringing the supplies and dropping them at ground level where needed. Parking lots become distribution centers. Massive infrastructure for trans-loading and storage are no longer needed. Logistics takes a giant leap forward in cost reduction and efficiency.

QuickLoadz is the last piece to create the new world of freight.

A world where distribution centers can “pop-up,” expand, or contract where needed. A world where the autonomous truck can work with a QuickLoadz to deliver entire container loads of freight in 3 minutes without anyone touching the load.

QuickLoadz is all alone in this chance to revolutionize a 9.6 trillion dollar logistics market. QuickLoadz has no competition, has worldwide patents and is looking for partners to accelerate. QuickLoadz is cash flow positive and its customers include the US Army, Pac-Van, United Van Lines.

QuickLoadz will change the world of freight and logistics in ways still not thought of.

That’s QuickLoadz. Want to come along?

A distance view of the QuickLoadz headquarters with the logo on a container in the foreground.
- Sean

Give Your Business An Advantage

Containers are everywhere. Inter-modal freight is growing fast.

Give your business an advantage over everyone else.

You could have the only business in your region that moves loaded sea shipping containers. QuickLoadz trailers can pick up and put down containers without any extra equipment—all the hardware is built into the bed.

What does that mean? Every container you see sitting behind Walmart, in someone’s lot, at a construction site—you can be the only one who can move them fully loaded.

A QuickLoadz automated trailer at an angle with a sea shipping container loaded.
The 60k Super High 40 moves loaded 40′ containers used in freight and shipping.
A QuickLoadz automated trailer at an angle with a sea shipping container loaded. The container has the QuickLoadz logo on the side.
The 24k Super 20 moves 20′ containers and can be pulled with a full-size pickup truck.

Only with QuickLoadz.

QuickLoadz is the first trailer built for containers. QuickLoadz works faster, safer, and easier. Load containers in three minutes. You never have to leave the cab of the truck. There’s no manual labor, just a few minutes of pushing buttons on your smartphone or tablet.

Call us if you have questions, or if you want to talk about how QuickLoadz can help your business.

- Sean