The Trailer That’s Better Than Free

Other trailers could be free, and you would still be better off buying a QuickLoadz.

Reason 1: QuickLoadz is fast.

We have surveyed our customers. With an old-fashioned trailer the drivers are moving around 5 sea shipping containers a day. With a QuickLoadz, they are averaging 7.5 deliveries a day, one customer said he managed to move 13 containers in 2 hours. Let’s be generous and round down to 7. The average delivery charge is $200. That means by using a QuickLoadz instead of their old trailer, they are making an additional $400 per day. 250 working days a year is… $100,000. Over a 7-year trailer life, that is $700,000. The price difference between a QuickLoadz and the least expensive old fashioned trailers is around $25,000. It seems short sighted to trade $700,000 for $25,000, doesn’t it?

Why would they still buy the old trailers? Because that is what they always have bought. One executive said to me: “No one ever got fired for buying the same thing that we have always bought.” I answered “No company ever advanced without at least trying something new.”

Reason 2: Driver retention.

A huge national company had a branch that had 100% driver turn every 3 months all year long. They purchased a QuickLoadz and those drivers are still there 3 years later. It is common. With old-fashioned trailers, there is a lot of work in moving a 9,000 to 60,000 pound 40-foot-long box. Cranes, winches, straps, and chains. With old fashioned trailers it is a skilled, difficult, dangerous job. It only gets more difficult if it is windy or icy or 110 degrees in the sun. QuickLoadz has taken this skilled, dangerous, 30-minute job and turned it into sitting in your truck cab pushing buttons on a smartphone for 3 minutes.

A new CDL driver every 3 months vs 3 years and counting. It gets hard to quantify when you include all the little things an experienced driver knows that a newbie must be taught. I bet it is a lot more than the $25,000 difference in cost of an old-fashioned trailer and a QuickLoadz.

Reason 3: Zero injuries.

Zero injuries means happy employees and low Worker’s Comp. payments.

There has never been a reported injury with a QuickLoadz. Zero. Moving containers is a dangerous, skilled job. Sea shipping containers are 40′ long and 9,000 pounds empty. QuickLoadz can handle 60,000 pound loaded containers which no other system in the world can do automatically. No other system in the world can move loaded sea shipping containers without the driver leaving their seat in the truck.

Reason 4: Increased business.

There are many companies that can move empty sea shipping containers, very few that can move loaded.

“Competition is for losers.”

Peter Thiel

Why compete with thousands of others down to the lowest price?

Under FMCSA Section 3.6.3, to move a loaded container, the container must sit such that “all lower corners rest upon the vehicle” and be secured by the 4 corner castings. You can’t do that with other trailers. Some of our customers have doubled their business because with their QuickLoadz they can move loaded containers. Since they are the only ones that can move loaded containers they can charge what they want. It will always be cheaper and easier for the customer than arranging for a crane.

Reason 5: Do things no one else can.

QuickLoadz is all about automation. With a QuickLoadz a driver can run the entire trailer without getting out of their seat in the truck. This means that on our sliding axle 40′ trailers the driver can slide the axles forward or back while driving. As they are pulling into a crowded distribution center, truck stop, driving in urban areas sliding the axles forward gives them maneuverability that no one else can provide. One driver who constantly was in tight urban areas said he stopped taking out road signs with the side of his trailer all together. Drivers have told us they would buy a QuickLoadz just for that feature.

QuickLoadz can unload itself of pallets. QuickLoadz is designed primarily as an automatic container mover, but it is also a flatbed and tow trailer. One of our customers put a bar across the QuickLoadz chain drives and suddenly he was able to unload pallets of brick on job sites automatically without getting out of his seat. Huge time saver.

Reason 6: Loading surface damage.

Before they purchased a QuickLoadz, one of our customers stopped delivering on anything that wasn’t gravel. Another new customer used to make their customers sign a waiver absolving them of any asphalt or concrete damage. It is very, very difficult for an old fashioned trailer to move a container without damaging the asphalt or concrete. Either the container gets dragged or the rear of the trailer gets dragged.

QuickLoadz trailers are on rollers; QuickLoadz lifts one end of the container and then rolls underneath it. Nothing is dragged. This same process is why we can move heavy loaded containers when no one else can.

- Sean