The Formula for QuickLoadz Reliability

It’s the small things that add up to reliability.

When we first started making trailers, we used the same connectors everyone in the trailer business used. And if you know trailers, after a couple years, you have electrical failures.

Deutsch Connector

Now, we use the best Deutsch connectors we can buy.

Most lights are not only connected to the harness ground, but they also have a separate ground wire. This means there would need to be over twice as many failures on a QuickLoadz to get the same intermittent light flickering problems that are so common to other trailers.

The extra grounding means we run extra wires; the “best we can buy” connectors add cost to our wiring harness; but that is part of the formula for QuickLoadz reliability.

The oldest QuickLoadz is now three years older than the seven-year standard life of a trailer. Ten years and counting…