20k Super Bed

Move LIGHTLY LOADED 20’ containers with a QuickLoadz bed that mounts onto your existing truck.


[base price w/standards]

  • Deck Length: 20’
  • Overall Length: 22’
  • GVW Capacity: 20,000 lb
  • Payload Capacity: 20,000 lb


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PRICING: 20k Super Bed

  • Base Pricing

    Includes all standards.
  • Price: $35,000.00 Quantity:
  • $1,000 per foot
  • $3/mile from Nelsonville, Ohio.
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Deck Length

Overall Length

GVW Capacity

Curb Weight

Payload Capacity


Hoist Type

Winch Capacity

Hydraulic Power Source

Main Frame

Side Rails

Cross Members

Conspicuity Striping

LED Lights

QuickLoadz Moving System