QuickLoadz Truck Beds and Trailers


Moving shipping containers on and off traditional trailer chassis has been identified by DOT, DOD, and the EU as the single largest bottleneck facing freight worldwide. The world has gone wild for shipping containers, but once you’re away from the docks and depots, getting them off a truck or trailer can be a problem.

Move ISO Shipping Containers Quickly, Safely, Gently

QuickLoadz solves that problem by eliminating the need for cranes, forklifts, loading docks, or any other external machinery. The QuickLoadz system can load and unload containers from the chassis to the ground entirely by itself, while the driver sits in the cab controlling the process from a smartphone. This is especially useful when moving modified containers (container homes, container restaurants, container shops, pop-up shops, pop-up bars, pop-up cafes, and emergency housing.)

No Pavement Damage or Container Damage

For delivering and picking up ISO shipping containers, QuickLoadz automated trailer design entirely eliminates the hazardous, inefficient winch system currently used on most transport trailers used with steel shipping containers, also known as conex boxes.

Model Comparison

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