26k Super 40

Easily move LIGHTLY LOADED 40’ containers and pull with a pickup truck.


[base price w/standards]

  • Deck Length: 40’
  • Overall Length: 52’
  • GVW Capacity: 26,000 lb
  • Curb Weight: 12,000 lb
  • Payload Capacity: 40,000 lb
  • Deck Height: 38”

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Disclaimer: No device, if used improperly or in an unsafe manner or a manner for which it is not designed, is fool proof. Some fools are bigger than others. QuickLoadz has made every effort to automate and simplify moving sea shipping containers, but any tool or device can be neglected or misused to the point of injury of the device, property, operator, or bystanders. Automation, simplification, or even a rear-view camera does not keep someone from running the engine without oil, or backing the trailer into or over others. It is always the operator’s responsibility to operate the machine in a safe manner.


Deck Length

Overall Length

GVW Capacity

Curb Weight

Payload Capacity

Deck Height


Jack Type

Hoist Type

Load Angle

Brake Type

Winch Capacity

Hydraulic Power Source




Main Frame

Side Rails

Cross Members



Conspicuity Striping

Full Width Rear ICC Bumper

LED Lights

QuickLoadz Moving System