16k Super 20

Easily move EMPTY 20’ containers and pull with a pickup truck.

The 16k Super 20 is identical to the 24k Super 20, offered at the same price. However, this trailer does not require a Commercial Driving License to tow, provided your truck weighs less than 26,000 lbs, as it is legally designated for carrying only empty 20’ containers. If you are only moving empty or very lightly loaded containers, we recommend this model, as it can be towed by anyone with a regular driver’s license.

Prefer to pull with a semi-truck? Air brake and 5th wheel options available.


[base price w/standards]

  • Deck Length: 20’
  • Overall Length: 35’ 4”
  • GVW Capacity: 16,000 lb
  • Curb Weight: 6,500 lb
  • Payload Capacity: 8,000 lb
  • Deck Height: 34”

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Deck Length

Overall Length

GVW Capacity

Curb Weight

Payload Capacity

Deck Height


Jack Type

Hoist Type

Load Angle

Brake Type

Winch Capacity

Hydraulic Power Source




Main Frame

Side Rails

Cross Members



Conspicuity Striping

Full Width Rear ICC Bumper

LED Lights

QuickLoadz Moving System