True No Touch Loads—do your loading and unloading right from the driver’s seat

true no touch loadsWhen you’re reading classifieds, you might see a lot of truck driving jobs advertised as “no touch.” Often that’s just a buzzword used by companies to make the job sound more attractive to prospective drivers. No touch is all well and good, but what if a driver didn’t even have to go near the container they were loading and unloading, let alone touch it?

With QuickLoadz, you can promise exactly that to your drivers—they won’t even have to leave their seat. Our new eguide, Do It All From the Driver’s Seat—True No Touch Loads, explores how a new technology one-ups “no touch” and frees drivers from the dangers of loading and unloading.

If you’d like to learn how QuickLoadz trailers can help your business, email or call 614.219.6562.

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