Winch-less ISO Container Moving: Introducing QuickLoadz

THE PLAINS, OH–November 6, 2012–QuickLoadz announces the launch of its revolutionary new container moving system. The patent-pending, winch-less design transcends the limitations of other container moving systems, greatly expanding the market for ISO shipping containers with a QuickLoadz bed.

QuickLoadz’ easy to use, completely automated design entirely eliminates the hazardous, inefficient winches and cables integral to old-fashioned container moving systems. It lets a single operator safely load a container in two easy steps without damaging the loading surface.

The breakthrough design boasts engineering innovations in all steps of the container moving process: the Lift, the Load and the Lock.

  • Quick Lift: Only QuickLoadz’ patent-pending technology lifts by pulling the truck or trailer bed itself UNDERNEATH the container and features rear rollers which protect the loading surface from damage as QuickLoadz lifts the front of the container onto the bed.
  • Quickloadz raises the container off of the loading surface using two hydraulically-powered lift wedges. These Powered Lift Wedges slide effortlessly into the built-in pockets of any ISO container and lift the front of the container as the bed slides underneath.
  • Quick Load: Two hooks attached to a Dual Chain Drive engage the holes in the bottom of the container’s corner castings and continue to pull the bed underneath the container–loading the container fully and evenly onto the bed with no manual intervention.
  • Quick Lock: After the container is fully on the trailer bed, four 1 1/2” steel pins automatically slide hydraulically through the four corner castings of the ISO container, locking it securely to the bed.

Winch-less and Automated: Smarter Engineering

QuickLoadz introduces a fundamental design shift over the competition: No other moving system on the market can roll the truck or trailer bed under the container. Winch-based moving systems cannot utilize rollers under the back of their trailers to protect the loading surface because they get the container off the ground by relying on the static wedge that forms the back of the trailer.

“The process of forcing the static wedge between the ground and the front of the box to get the container lifted wreaks havoc on the container, contents and the customer’s loading surface,” explains QuickLoadz CEO Sean Jones.

“No other moving system is engineered with this level of safety and efficiency in mind,” continues Jones. “QuickLoadz won’t tip like the crane, and it doesn’t use hazardous strap and chain systems that can catastrophically fail. Put simply: It is safer, smarter and faster than current market solutions.”

Expanded Markets; New Industries

There are already 20 million ISO shipping containers worldwide. With QuickLoadz, that’s just the beginning.

QuickLoadz is poised to revolutionize the industry by enabling ISO shipping containers to finally reach market potential.

Only QuickLoadz protects the container, contents and loading surfaces.
Only QuickLoadz can easily move heavy containers.
Only QuickLoadz offers an optional 50° hoist which supports dumping of bulk materials directly from the bed.

By transcending the limitations of other container moving systems, QuickLoadz is the most versatile moving system on the market by far, significantly expanding markets for container storage, container supply and trucking/shipping companies with a QuickLoadz bed.

Additionally, QuickLoadz makes the ISO shipping container viable to many industries which have previously been reliant on expensive, specialized trucks and trailers. These industries include: dumpster operator, general contractor and even towing companies.

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About QuickLoadz

QuickLoadz was founded on a simple premise: Isn’t there a safer, smarter, faster way to move ISO containers?

ISO containers are the international standard for moving freight, yet pick up and delivery of these containers to the end user has been a challenge–until now.

Find out why QuickLoadz is SAFER, SMARTER and FASTER than its alternatives.

- Sean