When Phones Had Cords and Smoking Was Good For You

Why are you using a trailer with tech from when phones had cords and smoking was good for you?

There are self driving trucks, but the truck doesn’t carry the freight, the trailer does. And trailers haven’t really changed in 50 years.

Until now.

QuickLoadz is computer controlled and Wi-Fi enabled.

So any driver can operate the trailer from their cellphone. That means in 3 minutes, a driver can load or unload a full sea shipping container without ever leaving their seat in the truck cab.

Do what no one else can do and get paid accordingly.

QuickLoadz is an automatic container mover, but it is also an equipment mover, flatbed trailer and a trailer that can unload itself. All in one.

Cut the cord. Join the 22nd century. Buy a QuickLoadz.

- Sean