What Single Investment Will Make Your Life Easier For The Next Decade?

The only trailer that can:

  • Automatically load and unload shipping containers full of merchandise or equipment 
  • Move a container in just three minutes 
  • Operate entirely from your smartphone, from inside the truck 
  • Work like a big flatbed, with a full metal deck as standard 
  • Save employee time and money

…and can be towed with a regular full-size pickup truck. The QuickLoadz 26k Super 40.

The QuickLoadz 26k Super 40 at an angle with a 20 foot container halfway down the bed. The container has the QuickLoadz logo painted on the side.
Load a container in just three minutes.
Equipment is being unloaded from the bed of the 26k Super 40 with a forklift. The equipment was loaded behind a 20 foot container.
Use the trailer like a flatbed for moving equipment.

Watch it in action here.

The bounce is about to hit.

As more restrictions are lifted, the economy is going to bounce back strong. Get ready for business to boom. 

If you move containers, move freight, move equipment, move merchandise, or really move anything on a trailer, you need QuickLoadz. QuickLoadz can drop a 60,000 lb. container onto the ground, automatically, in three minutes. QuickLoadz raises the speed of freight from hours to minutes.

- Sean