We Don’t Move Containers

I’m sorry we can’t help you move your container.

We build the truck beds and trailers to move loaded containers and only move them for others in the area around our plant in Athens, Ohio.

Advice on the move:

If the container is empty, you can usually get Mini Mobile or some other local mobile storage company do it. It won’t be cheap, but oftentimes they will move empty containers for others.

If the container is loaded, well, it is very hard to find someone who can do it. Usually you have to rent a crane or a giant forklift at both the loading and unloading site.

It’s crazy, we know.

Containers are everywhere but we are the only company that makes trailers for moving loaded sea shipping containers.

If you decide you want to go into a business that has a lot of demand and no competition, just contact us and get a QuickLoadz.

Once again, I’m sorry we can’t be of more help.

- Sean