Walmart Does It, And They Seem Good At Math

Walmart already understands one of the ways QuickLoadz will change the world of freight and logistics.

Containers can be used as cheap, flexible warehouses.

Walmart understands math. Walmart understands that store space is $130/sq.ft. and a container is $3/sq.ft. Which is why when you drive by any Walmart, you will see a dozen sea shipping containers being used as storage. When a truck arrives at a Walmart store, it waits an average of 20 minutes for a loading dock to become available. The truck and driver then wait another three hours for unloading. The merchandise doesn’t stay in the store; they don’t have room for it. It leaves the $130/sq.ft. store space and goes into the $3/sq.ft. container space. Getting handled and possibly damaged again.

During holiday seasons, Walmart gets more sea shipping containers, because they need more warehouse space. Incredibly cheap, dynamic warehouse space.

If Walmart moved to QuickLoadz, they could drop off entire loads of merchandise in three minutes instead of three hours. The merchandise would only be handled once instead of multiple times. Expensive loading docks would not be tied up, or far fewer would be needed.

With QuickLoadz, nothing has to change about how Walmart does things now. QuickLoadz works with all existing freight systems. If it is a partial load, or for some other reason the container needs to be partially emptied at a store, then simply back up the QuickLoadz to the loading dock. QuickLoadz works with loading docks. If a full load, simply drop the container and go.

This is the heart of the change QuickLoadz can make all over the industry.

Large retailers to small mom-and-pop shops that have seasonal warehouse needs can add containers as needed, then load finished product into containers and take it straight to a rail or sea port.

Intermodal for everyone. The most efficient distribution system ever devised can now be used by everyone.

- Sean