Two Large Flatbed Carriers Close in Ten Days

April 27th: Flatbed transporter Falcon Transport closes doors with 500 drivers suddenly out of work. [1]

May 4th: Flatbed transporter Williams Truck shuts its doors. [2]

And those are just the big ones that get articles written about them.

Why would you buy a standard flatbed? The market is crowded and the margins are thin.

It’s time to get flexible in what you can do and add capability no one else has.

With one QuickLoadz, you get three trailers of capability:

A tow trailer for equipment and vehicles.
Better than a regular tow trailer: you have a built-in rear view camera you can see on your smart phone when backing up and a smart phone remote control. Sit in the car and steer while pulling it up on the trailer. No tow truck or trailer manufacturer anywhere has ever offered something this convenient or safe.

A flatbed trailer which can tilt.
And with an optional push bar, it can unload itself of pallets and skids. Unload at a construction site without a forklift.

An automatic container mover. QuickLoadz is designed around moving containers easily. QuickLoadz works with any standard ISO shipping container with no modifications required. It is the simplest, lightest, fastest system ever devised to move sea shipping containers. The system is so automated, the driver literally does not have to leave their seat in the cab of the truck. With QuickLoadz, you would be the only company that can move loaded containers. A service that can charge a premium.


Check out the most versatile 40′ QuickLoadz in the lineup, the 40k Super Short 40:

- Sean