The $7/mile Load

Some of our customers are charging $7/mile. 

How much business do they get charging that much? They’re too busy for more jobs. They have a QuickLoadz, so they’re the only business in their region that can move loaded containers.

With QuickLoadz, you get:

A flatbed. Okay, lots of people have flatbeds. But QuickLoadz is the only container trailer that has a full metal deck across all of our models, standard. No wooden decks, no open decks. We don’t think you should have to pay more to use the 40′ of trailer you paid for.

A 40' QuickLoadz trailer with two cars loaded on the bed. The cars were loaded with the tow package.

A sliding axle tilt tow trailer. Lots of guys have that, but only QuickLoadz has a trailer that can slide its axles while the truck is in motion. Since QuickLoadz is remotely operated you don’t need to get out of the truck to slide the axles. This means you can slide the axles while you’re moving in a parking lot. This is incredibly helpful for maneuverability in those tight container yards or those small parking lots. 

A 40' QuickLoadz trailer with a shipping container loaded on the bed.

A trailer that can unload itself of pallets. This is something we learned from one of our customers. They had used their forklift to fill up the bed with pallets, but their customer’s forklift was busy. They didn’t want to wait. They took their Tow Bar, attached it to the chain hooks, and used it to push the pallets off the bed. They found out they could unload a bed of pallets in a few minutes instead of an hour. Only QuickLoadz has that.

A QuickLoadz trailer unloading pallets with the tow bar.

A trailer that can move empty and full sea shipping containers without the driver ever leaving the safety of their truck. Now, this means they can self-isolate in the truck cabin and still deliver 60,000 lbs. of freight. Only QuickLoadz has that.

If you want to have one trailer that can do what everyone else does, buy a QuickLoadz.
If you want a trailer that does what no one else can, buy a QuickLoadz and charge accordingly.
If you want a trailer that will keep you safe, buy a QuickLoadz.

- Sean