Suddenly, Everyone Can Use Intermodal

Small business accounts for half of the US GDP.

Right now, to use intermodal freight shipping containers, you have to have loading docks, million dollar cranes, tote trucks, and a warehouse. Therefore, sea shipping containers are confined to freight use in places where these millions of dollars of infrastructure exist.

But if the container chassis could pick up and put down the trailers from ground level all by itself, then all of that goes away. Suddenly, intermodal shipping and storage are available to everyone, not just available to large companies.

Farmers, small manufacturers, even party rental stores can now use the most efficient shipping system ever invented: the sea shipping container. Everyone who has to store, receive, or ship out merchandise can get rid of loading docks, trailers, box vans, and warehouses. With containers on the ground, the parking lot is the loading dock and warehouse. A tenth of the cost of a warehouse that you can pick up part of and ship, add to, or subtract from at will.

Not familiar with intermodal freight and logistics?

Think of it this way: Before Airbnb, if you wanted to stay a couple of nights travelling, you had to rent a room from a hotel. In other words, you had to stay at where one of these millions of dollars of facility were built. After Airbnb, anyone who had an extra room could suddenly rent you a place to stay. Whole new markets opened up.

QuickLoadz is the new high tech trailer that can move loaded sea shipping containers all by itself.

QuickLoadz will expand the use of sea shipping containers into small businesses. We make it so anyone can use containers by making it possible for anyone to move loaded containers.

I bet it will be easier to convince small businesses to buy a QuickLoadz than to convince someone to allow a stranger to stay in their house.

- Sean