QuickLoadz at MODEX 2020

Come visit us at booth 4824 at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia next week.

From March 9–12, QuickLoadz will be attending MODEX 2020. QuickLoadz will feature two stands focusing on how QuickLoadz new, high-tech trailers will change the world of freight and logistics. QuickLoadz truck beds and trailers automatically move loaded sea shipping containers. No other company in the world builds a trailer capable of automatically moving loaded sea shipping containers. This will extend intermodal freight to hundreds of thousands of new businesses and change how large companies from Amazon to Walmart move freight. QuickLoadz is the only company in the world ready to work with autonomous trucks to move entire loads of freight without anyone ever touching the load. That’s a revolution.

MODEX features over 900 leading providers in supply chain management, efficiency-enhancing and cost-cutting technology solutions:

“As the speed of manufacturing, supply chain and transportation operations continues to accelerate, the future of our industry depends on today’s forward-thinking decisions. From illuminating education to next-generation technology and equipment in action, MODEX lets you see what’s coming—and take advantage of it to power your supply chain with endless possibilities for years to come.”

- Sean