Jim’s New QuickLoadz in Ice and Snow

It is 4° out, the wind is blowing, snow is coming down. Straps are frozen solid, chains are untouchable without gloves. Why is Jim smiling?

A frozen field with a thin layer of snow.

Because on Jim’s new QuickLoadz, the Lift Wedges raise the container right out of the frozen ground.

The Lift Wedges on the QuickLoadz trailer are grabbing under the edge of a shipping container.

Because on Jim’s new QuickLoadz, the drive chains go into the corner castings, and pull on the container without Jim getting out of the truck.

The Drive Chains hooking into the corner castings and pulling the shipping container onto the bed.

Because on Jim’s new QuickLoadz, Jim doesn’t need straps or chains; the hydraulic locks do it all.

A shipping container locked onto the bed of a QuickLoadz trailer.

Jim is smiling. In arctic weather, he loaded a heavy container in two minutes without leaving the warmth of the truck cabin. Yayyy, Jim.

Why aren’t you smiling?

Replace that old tow bed with a Quickloadz. QuickLoadz can do everything it does anyway, QuickLoadz is a container mover first, but also a tow trailer.

Plus the rearview camera, the 40 HP EFI Kohler engine, the cell phone remote control—and on the truck versions, you also get a dump truck.

Smile while you remember the bad old days of going outside the truck to load a container.

- Sean