Another Year, Zero Customer Injuries

QuickLoadz turns six in April, and it has been another zero injury year for our customers.

Zero injuries is not an accident. QuickLoadz came about because I used to move containers every day using the old style tow trailer. Every day getting out chains, straps, digging mud and rock out of corner castings, blocking up container fronts.

It was a particularly icy day when I was winching on an empty container and the chain hook end came out of the corner casting and was whipping at my head. Lightning fast, I ducked and smacked my head on the trailer side rail. I am not actually sure if it was better or worse than getting hit by the chain hook.

As I sat there woozy with ice melting through the seat of my Carharts, I decided to build a system where I didn’t have to get out of the truck to load a sea shipping container.

And now, QuickLoadz is turning six with zero customer injuries.

It is pretty hard to hurt yourself when you are sitting in the cab of the truck and haven’t touched a chain or strap since you bought your QuickLoadz. Maybe sprain a thumb (but that has yet to be reported).

As a birthday present to you, we are offering for free in April our very most popular option: the hydraulic foot jacks. No need to stand out in the summer sun turning a crank to lower the front of your trailer when you’re hooking up, simply push a button. I can’t think of when we last built a trailer without hydraulic foot jacks.

Order now. When April is gone, so are the free hydraulic foot jacks.

For those procrastinators who really want to get rid of rust, you only have a few days until our winter special of free hot dip galvanizing goes away. What kills a trailer faster than an angry driver? Rust. What is the very best rust protection you can get? Hot dip galvanizing. Free until the end of March.

- Sean