Another Clever New Use For A QuickLoadz

A clever Canadian customer came up with a use for the QuickLoadz Dual Chain Drive that we use all the time now.

After seeing a QuickLoadz, Bill said:

“Why don’t you take that tow bar of yours and use it in reverse to push pallets off of the trailer? A lot of times, I am dropping off pallets at a yard or job site and have to wait around for a forklift, sometimes for an hour.”

The answer is, “We didn’t think of it.”

Unloading pallets off of the flatbed is a problem for us too. Every week, the plant generates pallets and pallets of compressed cardboard and other recyclables that we put on a 26k Super 40 trailer and haul to the recycling plant. Every week we wait around for a forklift. Now, we can just drop the entire load in two minutes and the forklift driver can pick them up and move them when convenient.

Can’t do that with a winch. Just one more advantage QuickLoadz offers. Like you needed another reason to buy a QuickLoadz.

QuickLoadz is designed to be the fastest, safest, easiest, and cheapest way to move loaded sea shipping containers. But it does much more.

With QuickLoadz, you get:

  1. A tow trailer for equipment and vehicles. Better than a regular tow trailer, you have a built-in rear view camera you can see on your smart phone when backing up, and a smart phone remote control. Sit in the car and steer while pulling it up on the trailer. No other truck or trailer manufacturer anywhere has ever offered something that convenient or safe.
  2. A flatbed trailer which can tilt, and with an optional “push bar,” unload itself of pallets and skids. Unload at a construction site without needing a forklift.
  3. An automatic container mover. QuickLoadz is designed around moving containers easily. QuickLoadz works with any standard ISO shipping container with no modifications required. It is the simplest, lightest, fastest system ever devised to move sea shipping containers. The system is so automated the driver literally does not have to leave their seat in the cab of the truck. With QuickLoadz you would be the only company that can move loaded containers. A service that can charge a premium.

Have 15 seconds to see how it works?

- Sean