$85,000 New Trailer, But No Driver

A new trailer that works exactly the same as the old trailer isn’t an improvement.

One of our large clients had an average CDL driver turnover of five months. In some locations, it was as low as one week. They had new equipment, but it was the same as the old equipment, just shinier. The driver was still getting in and out of the truck eight times using chains, winches, and straps in the cold and in the heat, sliding around on the deck. Nothing was different. The job wasn’t any faster, easier, or safer.

After a year of talking about it they finally bought a QuickLoadz. That driver stayed, and has stayed for the last two years. Zero injuries. Production doubled.

They have bought more QuickLoadz.


The 26k Super 40 with Dual 20′ Container Locking Pins

Every driver who runs a QuickLoadz is still there.

The turnover for QuickLoadz drivers is zero. What is that worth?

You have to buy a trailer anyway. Why not buy a trailer that keeps the drivers safe and happy? Why not buy a trailer that adds the ability to move loaded containers?

How can QuickLoadz change freight and logistics?

Want to see which model is right for you?

- Sean