QuickLoadz Can Move Eggs

The steepest loading angle of a QuickLoadz is 15°. Why?

Under normal braking, a semi truck stops from 60 mph in 454 feet. That means everything in the semi trailer is shoved forward at a rate of 8.52 feet per second per second. So if you had a tennis ball hanging on a string from your rearview mirror, it would swing forward 15°. That is just normal driving. Which means that everything in that trailer is subject to a fifteen degree angle every time that semi slows. The angle is actually worse if you’re turning a corner sharply, or braking going downhill, or braking suddenly.

Under DOT rules, all semis must have the minimum ability to stop from 60 mph in just 250 feet.

That’s right, 454 feet from 60 mph is the standard, but 250 feet from 60 mph is the requirement. That means your tennis ball is pushing forward at 25.7°. Not that a semi carrying your stuff will ever have to stop quickly, I mean, that just doesn’t happen.

In Summary:

The point of this is that at QuickLoadz, we worked the math out and came up with the lightest, cheapest, fastest, and safest way to move loaded sea shipping containers ever devised. We do this by gently lifting one side of the container six inches off the ground, and sliding the bed underneath it. Simple inclined plane; the ancient Egyptians would approve.

QuickLoadz: Smart, cheap, safe, fast, simple, versatile.

Other guys: Silly, because the truck goes down the road, and lifting a container straight up four feet in the air to put it on the trailer is slow, expensive, heavy, dangerous, and completely unnecessary:

Hammar Lift
- Sean