Piedmont GREEN and QuickLoadz Announce Joint Development Agreement

GREENVILLE, S.C.—Piedmont GREEN and QuickLoadz are thrilled to announce a joint development agreement to provide a fast, safe, and simple way of delivery for shipping container homes. The partnership is expected to have QuickLoadz provide up to 1,200 automated trailers to Piedmont GREEN as Piedmont GREEN rolls out over 20,000 shipping container homes nationwide, starting in South Carolina, North Carolina and Ohio.

QuickLoadz computer controlled Wi-Fi trailers are the only trailers in the world capable of moving loaded shipping containers automatically. The multi-use trailers are planned to be used not only in the revolutionary movement of shipping container homes, but also for other movements of freight and logistics as Piedmont GREEN expands its services and offerings across the United States.

Aside from automatic movement of shipping containers, QuickLoadz trailers also have the unique ability to auto unload themselves. The goal for this fleet of trailers is to finally be able to move loaded shipping containers easily nationwide. A process that currently requires coordination of cranes at both the pickup and delivery locations, as well as coordinating a fleet of flatbed semi trucks. In bringing the delivery of the shipping container homes in house, Piedmont GREEN gains control of the logistics and eliminates the dependency on cranes for loading and unloading shipping container homes.

“We are excited to partner with QuickLoadz to bring this innovative technology to the world of shipping container transportation,” said Gene Hamel, President and CEO of Piedmont GREEN. “Through the knowledge that both companies bring to the table, we are able to continue to achieve our goals of not only safely bringing container homes to South Carolina, North Carolina, and Ohio, but also continue to topple the affordable housing issues across the country.”

“Piedmont is much more than just another container modifier, Piedmont has a vision and is putting together an amazing package that is affordable, and very eco friendly,” said Sean Jones, CEO of QuickLoadz. “They have pulled together all of the pieces from manufacturing the homes, to making them energy self sufficient, to delivery, to the financing. It is a remarkable all in one package, and we are very excited to be working with them.”

About QuickLoadz

QuickLoadz was founded in 2013 to commercialize Sean Jones’ patented invention to move loaded sea shipping containers. QuickLoadz builds computer controlled and Wi-Fi enabled truck beds and trailers to allow a driver to move loaded sea shipping containers in 3 minutes without ever leaving their seat in the truck cab. 95% of the world’s freight travels in standardized sea shipping containers. QuickLoadz is the only company in the world that builds a trailer to automatically move those 168,000,000 containers.

“QuickLoadz partnership with Piedmont Green is a perfect example of how the ability to move loaded sea shipping containers can change the world of logistics,” says Sean Jones. “Suddenly every farmer, manufacturer, small shop can gain the benefits of the intermodal system.”

About Piedmont GREEN

Piedmont GREEN is the first state of the art, modular shipping container home builder in South Carolina. Founded in 2017, Piedmont GREEN was built on one goal, to combat the housing crises through affordable housing. With corporate offices located in Greenville, South Carolina, Piedmont GREEN is centralized to help bring housing all across the south. One major achievement of Piedmont GREEN was the invitation to attend and display a home at the Innovative Housing Showcase in Washington D.C. in 2019, where Piedmont GREEN debuted its initiative to bring affordable homes to veterans through a $300 mortgage and $30 electric bill program. The program combines the innovative technology of container homes and solar power.

Today, Piedmont GREEN is one of the leaders in affordable housing and modular home building across the United States.

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