Better ROI / Less Risk with QuickLoadz

With QuickLoadz, You’ll See a Quick Return on Investment Along With These Other Benefits:

Better Fuel Economy with QuickLoadz

QuickLoadz’ compact design weighs less than the competition, which means you can carry more payload with better fuel economy.

Lower Maintenance Costs with QuickLoadz

QuickLoadz’ streamlined design has NO CHAINS OR WINCHES — which are prone to breaking and binding — and minimal moving parts, with significantly lower maintenance costs.

Quicker Moves, More Loads with QuickLoadz

QuickLoadz trailers feature start-to-finish remote control hydraulics and come standard with a wireless rearview camera. Your operator can position the box correctly on the first try, every time.

Easy to use • Less Risk with QuickLoadz

With QuickLoadz automated loading process, training has never been easier. QuickLoadz automates all of these key functions —

  1. Hydraulic lifters raise the end of the container
  2. Truck or trailer bed slides under the container
  3. Bed tilts and moves container forward with Dual Chain Drive
  4. Container locks down with automated hydraulic locking pins

Each function is controlled from the driver’s smart phone or tablet (or from our hard-wired manual controls). The smart phone require no cell service, WiFi, or Internet connection to operate QuickLoadz. And, an integrated rear-view camera lets the operator see it all, from backing in to pulling away with a secured load.

If your operators can back a trailer and push a button, they can use QuickLoadz!

What Danger Zones?

Your operator is always safe with QuickLoadz — never near the trailer or container during moving. That means less liability risk for you.

Happy Customers with QuickLoadz

To ensure happy customers, your trailers need to be both durable and gentle to the container and loading surface.

Only QuickLoadz is both!

QuickLoadz trailers offer your customers the most gentle loading process on the market.

  • No Slamming: Won’t slam containers and their precious contents.
  • Protects Loading Surface: Won’t leave scarred pavements and driveways in their wake.

Our chain drive reverses — it loads a container on and also loads it off. It is more controlled than what happens with standard tilt-bed trailers, where drivers have to sometimes slam on the brakes and use gravity to move a container. QuickLoadz is designed specifically for the corner castings that are standard to containers. It is engineered for containers, whereas standard tilt-beds are designed for towing and load hauling broken-down vehicles and heavy equipment. Landoll-type trailers have been on the road since before containers became widespread, and were not designed specifically for moving them.

QuickLoadz can also be used like a Landoll, with chains, for loading something other than a standard container  — and works very well for towing and as a dump truck for open-top containers  — but it is perfect BY DESIGN for shipping containers.