Smarter Engineering

QuickLoadz — Better Engineered

QuickLoadz’ revolutionary, patent-pending trailer design entirely eliminates the hazardous, inefficient winch/chain/cable system used on current container transport trailers and tilt beds.

QuickLoadz’ innovative design boasts smarter engineering with every step in the loading process. These innovations work together to make QuickLoadz the fastest, easiest and most automated container transport system on the market by far.

SurfaceSafe Rolles

QuickLoadz SurfaceSafe Rollers

Eliminate the problem of damaging a concrete parking lot or someone’s driveway. When you tilt back the QuickLoadz bed and reverse to the edge of the container, the SurfaceSafe rollers glide the bed along the ground, completely scratch-free.


QuickLoadz Lift Wedges

When the QuickLoadz bed slides backwards to meet the edge of the container, the two Lift Wedges slide into the pockets at the bottom of the container. With 15 tons of hydraulically powered lifting force each, the two Lift Wedges raise the container off the ground. They also help the unloading process, in reverse, by gently lowering the container off the QuickLoadz bed onto the ground—so the pavement and container contents are completely unharmed.

Chain Drive

QuickLoadz Dual Chain Drive and Quick Load Hooks

After the LiftWedges raise the container off the ground, the power Dual Chain Drive pulls the two hooks into the container’s corner castings. They continue to pull the QuickLoadz bed underneath the container, loading it fully and evenly. No dragging the container, no adventures with winches, no container overhang.


QuickLoadz Quick Lock

Once the container is fully loaded onto the trailer bed, four hydraulically powered Container Locks slide into the corner castings of the container, locking it securely to the bed.  You don’t have to throw your straps over the top of the container and tighten them by hand — the container is secured at the push of a button.

Tow Plates

QuickLoadz Tow Plates

With QuickLoadz, loading vehicles of all kinds — hauling cars, SUVs, tractors, fork lifts, backhoes — has never been easier. With our optional built-in tow plates, simply tilt the bed back, flip the tow plates down, and drive right onto the trailer bed without damaging your tires on the bed. Now available as a standard option across all models.

See how it all works together:

How QuickLoadz Works – Close-Up