More Standards That Matter

Engineered for speed, safety, and efficiency — QuickLoadz

All QuickLoadz trailers come equipped with more of the safety and efficiency standards that matter — to you, your operator, and your customers.

Loading & Unloading Automation

  • Start-to-Finish Remote Control Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic Locking
  • Hydraulic Jacks (optional)

QuickLoadz does the work, not your operator.

QuickLoadz trailers feature start-to-finish remote control hydraulics and come standard with a wireless rearview camera — everything can be operated remotely using a modern smartphone or tablet.

Eliminate the Winch

QuickLoadz’ automated trailer design entirely eliminates the hazardous, inefficient winch/chain/cable system integral to old-fashioned container transport trailers.

With QuickLoadz, operators are never near the trailer or container during moving — removing them from ‘danger zones.’

Your operator can move a container — in 3 EASY STEPS — WITHOUT EVER LEAVING THE TRUCK CAB!

Trailers: 38 HP Engine driven power pack

  • 2x the power of competitors!

You said the competition did not offer enough power — we listened! All QuickLoadz trailers come standard with a 38 HP Kohler Engine.

No-Winch Design

QuickLoadz’ totally winch-free system features auto-powered lift wedges to grab the container and lift it off of the ground.

The Competition?

Winches & chains that need frequent maintenance and can — and do — catastrophically fail.

Automatic Locking

  • Hydraulic Locking: No straps, chains, or binders needed.

The Competition?

Manual locking with straps, chains, and binders.

Safe-Driveway Rear Rollers

QuickLoadz’ intuitive trailer design features rear rollers under the back of the trailer to protect the loading surface. With any other trailer, jamming the hard, fixed wedge on the back of the trailer against the ground just to get the container off the ground is an everyday problem. This means scratched driveways, torn up ground and angry customers. SurfaceSafe rollers on the back of every QuickLoadz trailer let the trailer glide across the ground as it moves beneath the container. It doesn’t even scratch cardboard.

Treaded Plate Metal Decking

In addition to keeping the loading area undamaged, every trailer comes with a metal deck. Wooden decks can get torn up easier, and can even warp in harsh weather over time. Treaded plate metal decks are stronger, with significantly improved life expectancy.

Remote Controlled, Smartphone Enabled

When you’re loading and unloading heavy cargo in a steel container, the safest place to be is inside the truck cab. That’s why we made sure you never have to leave it. Everything from the tilting truck bed, to the rearview backup camera, to the secure QuickLock mechanisms can be operated remotely from inside the truck. But best of all, there’s no bulky remote to run out of batteries, drop and break, or lose. You can use the remote control you already carry in your pocket—your smartphone. Watch it in action here.

Safe Operators

What do all these standards add up to? The easiest container transport trailer on the market by far. Your operators are always safe — never needing training to avoid ‘danger zones.’ Why? They are never near the container or the trailer during the container moving process. And we all know that safe, happy operators are easier to retain and ultimately mean happy customers and a happy you.