Why QuickLoadz?

Easy, Safe Container Transport for Empty, Loaded, and Modified Containers

For anyone delivering or picking up ISO shipping containers, loaded or empty, QuickLoadz means easy, safe, no-touch operation right from the cab of the truck. Not your standard tilt-bed roll-off. No more dropping or dragging containers. No need for cranes, binder chains, cables, or winches. Just move it and move on!

What’s NEW in Container Transport!

There are already 20 million ISO shipping containers worldwide. They are the international standard for moving freight. Yet, in two decades, very little has changed in the design of container transport trailers. UNTIL NOW!

QuickLoadz trailers are the world’s first no-winch, automated trailers for container transport. QuickLoadz provides easier, faster, safer drop-off and pick-up of loaded and empty ISO containers, on the ground, in all weather and surface conditions, including mud, gravel, snow, and even containers stuck in ice.

No-Winch • Easy to use • Automated

No winch. No cables. No binder chains. In fact — no leaving the cab of the truck! All the driver has to do is back up to the container. QuickLoadz automates all of these key functions —

  1. Hydraulic lifters raise the end of the container
  2. Truck or trailer bed slides under the container
  3. Bed tilts and moves container forward with Dual Chain Drive
  4. Container locks down with automated hydraulic locking pins

The QuickLoadz system can load and unload containers from the chassis to the ground entirely by itself, while the driver sits in the cab controlling the process from a smartphone. Each function is controlled from the driver’s smart phone or tablet (or from our hard-wired manual controls). The smart phone requires no cell service, WiFi, or Internet connection to operate QuickLoadz. And, an integrated rear-view camera lets the operator see it all, from backing in to pulling away with a secured load.

QuickLoadz’ automated trailer design entirely eliminates the hazardous, inefficient winch/chain/cable system integral to old-fashioned container transport trailers.

Safe, Happy Operators

With QuickLoadz’ automated 3-step loading process, training has never been easier. If your operators can back a trailer and push a button, they can use QuickLoadz!

Operator Danger Zones
With QuickLoadz, operators are never near the trailer or container during moving, removing them from ‘danger zones.’ Your operator is safely in the truck cab, never near the trailer or container during moving. It can all be done remotely, using a smartphone, tablet, or hard-wired control system in the cab. That means less risk for operators, less driver turnover, and less liability for owners.

QuickLoadz Automated Trailers for Easy Container Transport

All QuickLoadz trailers come equipped with more of the standards that matter, to you, your operator, and your customers. QuickLoadz does the work, not your operator. In fact, we are so committed to easy operation, our trailers come standard with…

38 HP Engine
No-Winch Design
Automatic Locking
Safe-Pavement Rear Rollers

AUTOMATION: Start-to-finish remote control hydraulics, right from inside the truck cab. With the optional Smartphone Control Brain Box, you can do all of this with the remote you already carry in your pocket—your own smartphone or tablet.

QuickLoadz Expands Your Market

There are already 20 million ISO shipping containers worldwide. While container ports and depots are equipped to handle containers with cranes, forklifts, and other equipment, problems can arise when containers are delivered to their end-points. Current methods of loading and unloading are time-consuming, hazardous, and costly. With new markets emerging every day for used and modified shipping containers, QuickLoadz offers a safe, efficient, more cost-effective method for managing containers, whether empty, loaded, or modified.

What is container mods could be safely, gently delivered and easily moved as necessary? Shipping container restaurants, pop-up cafes and bars, containers shops, and container homes could continue their impressive growth with better service and cost controls for container modifiers and container delivery services.

What if big box retailers could move fully loaded ISO containers straight to their destinations, drop them off and pick up the empty? Mobile storage could suddenly take the place of warehouses and semi-trailers. QuickLoadz makes this dream a reality.

QuickLoadz enables ISO containers, and YOUR BUSINESS, to expand your market potential by transcending the limitations of other container moving systems.

Only QuickLoadz is safe, automated and easy to use.

Only QuickLoadz protects the container, contents and loading surfaces.

Only QuickLoadz can easily move heavy containers.

Only QuickLoadz can help you retain drivers and operators, keep them safe, and increase operator productivity.

Move it. Move on. QuickLoadz!