The Solution to Freight’s Chassis Problem

QuickLoadz_Chassis_thumbnail2The current chassis model is broken. Shipping lines have sold off the bulk of their chassis fleets to the “Big 3” leasing companies, and now shortages, billing problems, and maintenance issues are routine headaches for freight companies. These costly chassis problems decrease productivity, increase liability, and slow down shipping for everyone.

We created an infographic, Solving the Chassis Dilemma, to provide a look into how to avoid the pitfalls of the current chassis business model. New technology is the solution. Because one QuickLoadz self-loading and unloading chassis can do the work of many conventional chassis, drivers can transport more containers in less time than ever before.

If you’re interested in the new container shipping solution that is helping to solve the problem of the old-fashioned chassis, email or call 614.219.6562.

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