Stop Collateral Damage From Unsafe Trailers

No driveway or loading dock is safe from an old-fashioned trailer. Scratches and gouges serve as permanent reminders of how damaging and outdated these trailers really are for loading and unloading containers—and the risks of using them don’t just stop at eyesores on the asphalt.

Our new data sheet, Stop Collateral Damage, lays out how QuickLoadz trailers not only do away with the surface-defacing nature of conventional trailers, but also ensure that operators, bystanders, pets, and property can be kept safe and free from harm. The combination of QuickLoadz’ surface-safe rear rollers, powerlift wedges and automated hydraulics, and wireless rearview camera makes any loading job gentle and smooth.

If you’d benefit from a smoother, safer system for your container transport needs, our trailers are unmatched. If you’d like to learn more, email or call 614.219.6562.

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