Trucking & Hauling Containers

ISO shipping containers have become the international standard for hauling freight. Despite the widespread use of 20 foot and 40 foot containers, or “conex boxes”—20 million of them in use worldwide— once they leave the port, delivering ISO containers to the end user has been a constant challenge.

For decades, the freight hauling industry has used winch/chain trailers not designed for container transport. Common tilt-bed trailers were designed for moving heavy equipment, like forklifts and bulldozers, and for moving broken down vehicles like cars, SUVs, small trucks, school buses, and emergency vehicles. They’ve been adapted to use in moving containers using their winches and chains to drag containers onto the bed, and using gravity and operator skill to drop off containers.

QuickLoadz has changed all that. Our powered Dual Chain Drive works in forward and reverse — it can move a container off the bed and place it gently on the ground. It does not require smooth delivery surfaces — iQuickLoadz can pick up and deliver containers on virtually any surface, and in tight conditions.

QuickLoadz is more controlled than ordinary tilt bed trailers. It is designed specifically for containers, using the corner castings that are standard to containers, and other standard container parts, to handle the containers in a faster, smoother, safer, more controlled fashion.

Designed specifically for container transport by the owner of a mobile storage company, QuickLoadz offers the easiest, fastest, and safest container transport solution ever to come on-line in the freight hauling business.

No-Winch, No-Touch Container Transport

QuickLoadz features more standards that matter to your business, your operators, and your customers:

  • Total Automation
  • 40 HP Engine
  • No Winches
  • Automatic Locking
  • Safe-Driveway Rear Rollers
  • Remote Control via Smartphone, Tablet, or Built-in Cab Controls

Retain Drivers & Operators

QuickLoadz is true No-Touch. Operators do not have to leave the cab to connect chains or cables, or strap anything down. The QuickLoadz system handles lifting, loading, and locking down the container without the driver leaving the cab of the truck. Skilled trailer operators using QuickLoadz can achieve much greater productivity, more pick-up and drop-offs per shift; unskilled trailer operators can quickly learn how to operate QuickLoadz — the only skill they really need is backing up to the container. QuickLoadz handles the rest.

True No-Touch operation makes it easier to retain drivers and operators, and to get maximum productivity from trailer operators.

Please Your Customers

No Slamming

QuickLoadz trailers offer your customers the most gentle loading process on the market. QuickLoadz won’t slam containers or, if they’re full, their precious contents. Quickloadz is ideal for moving modified containers, when dropping them on pavement might cause damage.

QuickLoadz’ totally automated hydraulics combine Power Lift Wedges and Safe-Driveway Rear Rollers to ensure a smooth move every time. Since QuickLoadz does the work — not your operator — effective container moving isn’t dependent on skilled operators or extensive training.

No Loading Surface Damage

QuickLoadz’ revolutionary trailer design features rear rollers under the back of the trailer to protect the loading surface from damage.

The Competition? Can’t have them! Competitor trailers aren’t designed with rear rollers. They are built to be tow trailers and load haulers. They rely on jamming the hard, fixed wedge on the back of the trailer between the ground and the container to lift containers off the ground. The result? Scratched driveways, damaged pavement, and angry customers.

QuickLoadz: Light Engineering for Heavy Loads

QuickLoadz are designed specifically for containers. Our beds can be lighter because a container load is spread over its surface — you don’t have the point loading that you have with a bulldozer (all the weight on the treads) or a school bus (all the weight on the tire points). If you’re moving containers with a Landoll-type trailer, you’re hauling lots of extra weight, because they have to be heavily engineered to handle those point loads. The weight of the trailer itself is usually more than the payload  — you are using lots of additional fuel and putting extra wear and tear on the vehicle just to haul the empty trailer itself.

QuickLoadz: A Better Investment

QuickLoadz’ compact design weighs less than the competition, raising payload weight and increasing fuel economy.

Best of all, QuickLoadz’ streamlined design has NO CHAINS OR WINCHES (which are prone to breaking and binding) and minimal moving parts, significantly decreasing maintenance costs.

With QuickLoadz’ total automation and remote controlled operation, training has never been easier. QuickLoadz is built to protect operator, container, contents and your customer’s loading surface.

The bottom line? QuickLoadz’ smarter technology means a smarter investment. Make more revenue from your capital equipment, with QuickLoadz.