Mobile Storage

QuickLoadz: Built for Mobile Storage

Designed specifically for container transport by the owner of a mobile storage company, QuickLoadz trailers offer the easiest, fastest and safest container transport solution on the market.

As a result, QuickLoadz features more standards that matter to you, your operators, and your customers:

  • Automated Loading & Unloading
  • 38 HP Engine
  • No Winches
  • Automatic Locking
  • Safe-Pavement Rear Rollers
  • Safe Operators

Satisfied Container Customers

No Slamming

QuickLoadz trailers offer your customers the most gentle loading process on the market. QuickLoadz won’t slam containers and their precious contents.

QuickLoadz’ automated hydraulics combine Power Lift Wedges and Safe-Driveway Rear Rollers to ensure a smooth move every time. Since QuickLoadz does the work — not your operator — gentle moving isn’t dependent on skilled container delivery operators or extensive training.

No Loading Surface Damage

QuickLoadz’ revolutionary trailer design features rear rollers under the back of the trailer to protect loading surfaces from damage.

The Competition? Competitor trailers rely on jamming the hard, fixed wedge on the back of the trailer between the ground and the container to lift a container off the ground. The result? Damaged pavement and angry customers.

QuickLoadz: A Better Investment

QuickLoadz’ compact design weighs less than the competition, offering increased payload weight and better fuel economy.

Best of all, QuickLoadz’ streamlined design has NO CHAINS OR WINCHES (which are prone to breaking and binding) and minimal moving parts, with lower trailer maintenance costs.

With QuickLoadz’ automation and remote control app, training has never been easier. QuickLoadz is built to protect operator, container, contents, and your customer’s loading surface.

The bottom line? QuickLoadz’ smarter technology means a smarter investment.

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