How to Load a Trailer with your Smart Phone—The QuickLoadz App

Smart phones let us do a lot. There are apps that we can use to find rides, deposit checks, make reservations—even control the electronics in our houses. The technology makes our lives easier by doing the work for us. What if you applied the same thinking to a trailer?

Our new data sheet, The QuickLoadz App, answers how we did just that and developed a trailer that loads and unloads containers at the push of a button. The automated trailer makes life easier for drivers by doing the work of loading and unloading for them, all without any straps, chains, or winches. The wireless rearview camera displays right on the driver’s smart phone or tablet’s screen, so they can always see what’s behind them.

It might sound like the technology of the future, but it’s here now. If you’d like to learn more about how our trailers can help your organization, email or call 614.219.6562.

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