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Do It All From the Driver’s Seat—True No-Touch Loads

The promise of “no-touch” loading and unloading might sound pretty nice, but we have technology that’s even better than no touch. It will make even the laziest of drivers stand up and celebrate. (But they won’t have to if they don’t want to!) Download the free guide below:

Inside the eGuide:

  • How QuickLoadz beats no touch
  • How our technology keeps drivers safe
  • What this means for your business


QuickLoadz eliminates the hazardous, inefficient winch system of old-fashioned container transport trailers. You don’t even have to leave your seat. QuickLoadz’ completely automated design features:

  • Remote control hydraulics
  • Wireless rearview camera display
  • Controllable from any smart device

This means safer operators, easier loading and unloading, and more containers moved in less time.

Eliminate Risk

Your operator will never be near the trailer or container during moving. QuickLoadz’ gentle loading process doesn’t slam containers and protects loading surfaces.

Save on Fuel and Maintenance Costs

QuickLoadz’ streamlined and compact design weighs less and has fewer moving parts than the competition, significantly decreasing maintenace costs and increasing fuel economy.

Quicker Moves, More Loads

With its automated, easy to use 3-step loading process, training has never been easier. If your operators can back a trailer and push a button, they can use QuickLoadz!

QuickLoadz Trailers

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