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Standard 20′ & 40′ Containers

These containers are all the essentials you need for safe, efficient storage. Store tools for your shop, boxes of old stuff, furniture you need room to store, whatever you need. The basic box is strong and secure enough to make sure your things stay safe. If you plan on using it for extra storage space, this is the box for you.

These boxes come in 20′ and 40′ models. Prices start at $2,350 for a 20′ container and $2,800 for a 40′ container.

One Trip 20′ & 40′ Containers

One Trip Containers are brand new. They are manufactured overseas and shipped here just for you, new as they can be. If you need the most reliable storage you can get for regular and frequent transportation, One Trip containers are a necessity.

These boxes also come in 20′ and 40′ long models. You can get a brand new One Trip container for only $3,600 for 20′ and $4,000 for 40′ containers.

Extra offers

No Sweat Insulation

For long term storage, No Sweat Insulation is a must-have. If you leave a box in the sun for a long time, the inside sweats and gets your cargo wet. By coating the interior of the container in industrial foam, the box is insulated from sweating and keeps the interior a much cooler, comfortable temperature. This is vital if you’re storing merchandise, personal items, or electronics that will get ruined in water.

There are two options for insulation. We’ll use 1″ of No. 2 foam insulation, or 1/2″ of No. 4 foam insulation. We’ll insulate the roof for $320, or the roof and four walls for $1,000.

Pressure washing & two coats of fresh paint

If you’re buying for business, you don’t want other companies’ logos on your container. When you buy your container, we will pressure wash the whole thing and repaint the container entirely. The colors will be vibrant and last years with two coats of fresh exterior grade paint.

We’ll paint it any color you want as long as it’s beige. This service comes at only $500.

Custom logo painting

If you’re in the transportation or storage business like us, then you know that over a container’s life, it’s seen by countless people on the road. Why have someone else’s company name in large lettering across the side? For only $1,000 you can have your own logo painted on the container. This way everyone who drives by your container on the highway, everyone who sees it sitting on your property, and everyone who transports the container in the future will be exposed to your brand.

An advertisement on TV that would be seen by several hundred thousand people would cost several hundred thousand dollars—but for only $1000 your logo can be painted on a container, with our 30 year paint.

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